About Colombia Vive

The Boston area human rights group Colombia Vive, created in 1988, works to inform people about the situation in Colombia, organizes opposition to U.S. military aid to Colombia, sponsors the visit of human rights defenders, religious workers, trade unionists, and grassroots activists to the Boston area, and supports humanitarian aid efforts in Colombia. We are an all-volunteer 501-c-3 nonprofit organization.

Colombia Vive does not support any of the armed actors in the Colombian conflict and instead supports the work of Colombian non-governmental organizations and others in civil society who are working for peace, social justice and human rights.

Plan Colombia and other Military Aid to Colombia

We in Colombia Vive believe that Colombia needs humanitarian and economic aid to help the victims of the civil war and to help farmers find alternatives to drug crops. Military aid from the U.S. has instead helped derail the peace process and has exacerbated the violence, especially since it puts more weapons in the hands of a military with close ties to paramilitary death squads responsible for some 85% of the political violence and most of the forceful displacement of civilians. We are strongly opposed to the continued aerial spraying of herbicides over Colombian countryside as part of the drug war (the defoliation and fumigation strategy), a failed, destructive and unethical policy. We favor policies formulated in consultation with peasant farmers such as manual eradication of the drug crops along with viable alternative development strategies.

What Colombia Vive Is Doing Regarding Plan Colombia

Colombia Vive has worked with other Boston area organizations such as Amnesty International Group 133, the American Friends Service Committee, the Community Church of Boston, and Witness for Peace to educate our members of Congress about the harmful effects of military aid to Colombia. We also seek to educate the broader public about these issues as well as the many positive social movements in Colombia.

Other Colombia Vive Projects

Colombia Vive has held fundraisers to help meet some of the dire needs of Colombia’s vast numbers of displaced people. Funding has gone to support displaced people in the departments of Antioquia, Arauca, Putumayo, and others. Other Colombia Vive projects focus on the environmental impact of the drug war, immigration legislation to aid Colombians, and supporting labor and human rights groups in Colombia.